Data Science

Data Science

Price : Rs-15000/-

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Course duration: 3 Months
Course fees: Rs-15000/-
Weekly 3 Days

What is Data Science

Fundamentals, Definitions, Problems, Role of a Data Scientist, etc (1)
Intro to different topics in data science (1)
Application of data science in different industries and career building in data science (1)

Tools for Data Science

Brief intro to all required tools in data science, setup and walkthrough Jupyter Noteook (1)
Intro to Git and Github(1)

Python for Data Science

All the basics of python (5)

Database and SQL for Data Science

All the basics of SQL (5)

Data Science Methodology

Understanding all the important steps in data science (1)

Data Analysis with Python

Intro to important python libraries for data analysis like pandas, numpy, etc. (4)

Data Visualization

Intro to important python libraries for data visualization (3)

What is Machine Learning

Intro to fundamentals of machine learning (1)

Machine Learning Algorithms

Working mechanism and implementation of all important machine learning algorithms

Linear Regression (1)
Logistic Regression (1)
K-Nearest Neighbour (1)
Support Vector Machine (1)
Naïve Bayes (1)
Decission Tree (1)
Random Forest (1)
K-means Clustering (1)
Model evaluation techniques (1)

Practice by doing Projects

Analysis of 3 – 4 real world data sets


Intro to all the basic statistics required for data science (1)