Learn 2D Animation certification course training Bhubaneswar

2D animation training in Bhubaneswar

Price : Rs-50,000/-


  • Fundamentals of drawing
  • Basic Shapes
  • Perspective study
  • Human Anatomy, Life study
  • Animal Anatomy
  • Drawing for Animation
  • Character Design
  • Backgrounds and Layouts
  • Excursion tour for outdoor sketching
  • Principles of animation
  • Walk/run Cycle
  • Run Cycle
  • Four legged walk/run
  • Storyboarding
  • X sheets
  • Working in layers
  • Final show reel project


  • Classical animation training on Light boxes
  • Professional studio environment unlike a training institute.
  • One to one interaction with the mentor
  • Job placement counseling and assistance
  • Line test facility
  • Tailor made for working professionals
  • Case study approach for concept clarity
  • Stationary including pencil and paper to be provided to all trainees (conditions apply)
  • Familiarity with all the modern day animation concepts and how to use them in your current work profile.
  • Smooth orientation for trainees coming from varied backgrounds such as Flash or 3D.

All Courses Idea

Regular Course Week End
Course duration: 6 Months 6 Months
Course fees: Rs.75,000/- Rs.50,000/- Rs.75,000/- Rs.50,000/-
  Weekly 3 Days Saturday & Sunday

2D Animation Course FAQs

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    It will take 3 month to complete fundamental to advance Graphic Designing.

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  • Does Graphic Designing have future?

    Although there's a lot of talks about this tool, it is clear to assume that Graphic Designing does have a good future. Yes, there's some old stuff in this tool, but if you are a professional in this niche, you won't face any difficulties. Use frameworks for programming, and you'll be more effective and write better, cleaner code!

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The world is becoming more digitized day by day. in this digital world, the demand for 2D Animation has been increasing gradually. online and offline marketing require 2D Animation. the effect of 2D Animation growing day by day. show the scope 2 D Animation field also get broad. that is why students choose 2D Animation as a career. so so, for this, they take training on 2D Animation from any institute. in Odisha, Bhubaneswar is the most suitable place for taking training on any course. there is all type of training institute available in Bhubaneswar. Bhubaneswar is the capital city of Odisha state. it will be going to be a smart city very soon. smart city Bhubaneswar also known as the temple city. the population has been gradually becoming a software and industrial training hub. many students come to Bhubaneswar for jobs for educational purposes. it is the best training hub for the student of Odisha. there are so many popular 2D animation training institutes available in Bhubaneswar. if you want to put a step towards 2D Animation then have to go for training first. Training Institute gives you the best training in this field. you can gain full knowledge about 2D Animation. then you could job in any popular IT company. there are so many other private companies also available. the demand for 2D animation will never fall in this digital world.

2D animation means two-dimensional animation. the process of producing the illusion of motion by moving the images are characters that are drawn by hands or software tools in high-speed 2D animation. 2D animation has only two dimensions, height, and width. there is no depth in 2D animation. sort 2D animation looks flat. the images are characters look less realistic than 3D. in 2D animation, drawing is used. but in some Studios, there is no need for drawing. previously, 2D animation starts with the traditional animation method. those who make 2D animation, they draw every frame. so it needs the full sound of drawing skill. to make traditional 2D animation, a lightbox is used. it is a device light within it. first, but the paper and lightbox, then animation is drawn. it helps to show the previous drawing, 20 March, so you can easily draw the next drawing. in this way, a lot of primes are drawn in traditional 2D animation. traditional animation is used in cartoons. flipbook animation also used the traditional animation method. for this, images are drawn in a notebook. if you speedily flick The Notebook pages, it looks like a moving image. in whiteboard animation, images are drawn on a whiteboard by Marker Pen. it is a combination of 2D animation and stop motion animation. like, stop motion animation in whiteboard animation the pixel is also taken little by drawing images on the whiteboard. then it plays in the video editing software in sequence. now whiteboard animation also transfers to digital animation. digital 2D animation is made by computer. for this animation computer and pen tablet is needed. in motion graphics, graphic design or text get animated. for this type of animation, you need to be a drawing artist. it is used more in adverse advertising. for a non-drawing person, this animation method is best for them. when the text is used in motion graphics, then it is called typography. there are many 2D animation applications available by which you can make a 2D animation on your phone. flipaclip, PicsArt animator, puppy toons, draw cartoons, animatic, rough animator, animation desk, any tales, Stick Draw, anime maker. as we know today animation is mainly used in cartoons and ads. some 2D animation exam classic Disney like the famous Snow White, Jungle Book, The Little Mermaid and looney tunes like bugs bunny, daffy duck, Elmer Fudd and TV shows Like The Simpsons family guy, South Park, Rick, and Morty. 2D animation is the best career choice for have interested in this field and knowing 8 drawing computer and software tools. because many students get attracted to 3D animation and VFX. so 2D animation companies now recruit most 2D animators. if you had a great hand on today's animation then your future will be bright. Many cartoon network companies and ads agency use 2D animation. so the demand for 2D animation will never down. so if anyone who has interested in it chooses it as a career. but you have to gain knowledge about computer and 2D animation software tools. For this, you should take training from any 2D animation training center. there is a diploma course in the degree course and certificate course are available. there are many governments and private institutes available. They provide Diploma and degree course. take a certification course then go for a 2D animation training institute. there are so many 2D animation training institutes located in Bhubaneswar they provide certification course.

2D animation course encompasses direction to cut out animation, create cut hairstyle animation, Ri and animate bipeds and quadrupeds, use advance toon boom tools, master poses, timing and spacing, advanced cutout animation, apply advanced movement techniques, maximize harmony compositing and fx tools, use acting for feature, episodic animation, add effects to enhance your animations, photo polio, and career development, polish your portfolio to impress and employers, be more confident with negotiation, Network and self promote, tap into the hidden 2D market, fundamentals of drawing basic shapes prospective studies human anatomy life study animal anatomy drawing for animation character design back cross and layouts excursion tools sketching principle of animation walk and run cycle Run/cycle third left walk and run cycle storyboarding X seat working in layers final so real projects.

in Odisha, Bhubaneswar is that the most preferable place for college kids. because Bhubaneswar has been gradually developed as an educational and industrial hub. the capital city of Odisha. this temple city Bhubaneswar is going to be a smart city very soon. there are many2D Animation institutes situated in Bhubaneswar. they provide an honest discount on the2D Animation course. the availability of air-conditioned classrooms computer labs Wi-Fi connections libraries workstations and software tools. most of the popular2D Animation training institutes are located within the primary of Bhubaneswar. so that is not any difficulty of communication and transportation. institutes highest professional and industrial trained faculties. they also provide doubt clearing classes and practical classes. they offer 2D Animation courses for both regular and weekend batches. the weekend which is for professional job holders. this institute gives certification after the completion of the course. the certification 2D Animation course duration is 3 to six months.2D Animation training institute of Bhubaneswarhave vast experience in giving industrial training. all 2D Animation training institutes help websites. they supply all information with a contact number on their websites. it'll be helpful for those students who belong to a different district of Odisha. now many Training Institutes have provided online courses through their YouTube video channel. they also give placement assurance. so in Odisha Bhubaneswar is that the most preferable place for2D Animation training.

toon boom harmony pencil 2D synfig Studio opentoonz more Pro Adobe animate is the 2D animation software. Jay Stuart Blacktown is the father of animation. he was a British filmmaker who made the first animated film in America.